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Episode 1

Slatan and the Masters of the Europverse!!!

Slatan Egohimovic : I'm Slatan.

Slatan Egohimovic : God of the Earth.

Slatan Egohimovic : Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day...

Slatan Egohimovic : I hold aloft my magic sword and said...

Slatan Egohimovic : I HAVE THE POWER!!!

Skeletor Cavani : Hahahaha!

Skeletor Cavani : YOU MUSCLE-DOUND OAF!!!

Slatan Egohimovic : Skeletor Cavani? Tonight I'm on your team!

Skeletor Cavani : Oh!


David Louise : Oh No!

Skeletor Cavani : Do something you flea-bitten fur-brain!!!

David Louise : Yeees!!!

Skeletor Cavani : Hahahaha!

Thiowngoal Silva : I'II go and protect our goal!

Skeletor Cavani : You big boob!

Thiowngoal Silva : What? I'm Man-At-Arms!

Skeletor Cavani : That doesn't mean you can touch the ball with your arms!

Skeletor Cavani : Man-At-Arms? More like Mong-With-Arms

Skeletor Cavani : Hahahaha!

Thiowngoal Silva :

Chelsea Bus Company Vs Paris Saint Zlatan
Season 2014/15, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 12nd March 2015
Written by Zlatan Egohimovic
Directed by Laurent Blanc
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