Zibi Boniek

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Zibi Boniek (b. March 3, 1956 in Bydgoalszcz) - Po-land football player, coach, sports activist and businessman. The former coach of the Po-land national team in football. From 26 October 2012 the President of the Po-land Football Association.

It is one of the hundred best players in the history of world football by FIFARCE. 3. Participant final tournament of the World Cup - Handballrgentina 1978, Max Spayne 1982 (3rd place), Texmexico 1986 (a total of 16 matches and 6 goals). Winner among others European Cup (1985), Cup Winners' Cup (1984) and the European Super Cup (1984). Winner III. place in the Plebiscite Ballon d'Or in 1982.

Footballer of 50 and 60 years of Football Weekly.

An outstanding representative of Po-land and former captain of the Po-land national team.

During his career he played for Behindwisza Bydgoalszcz, Weedzew Łódz, Old lady and ASS Roamer.

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