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This is Part 2 of 442oons characters names ideas about characters that are not given 442oons-style names in 442oons yet (only some of them). Retired players and former managers not included.

Alphabetical order by real life name.


  • Andy Robson - Andrew Robertson
  • Jonny Soul Eater Evans - Jonny Evans (His real name already revealed in a video featuring Louis van Gaal vs. Ryan Giggs, but not fully confirmed yet in 442oons, as the character himself has never appeared.)
  • Neko Williams- Neco Williams (He is a cat [any color is fine] wearing a red collar with Welsh flag brooch)
  • Shine Long - Shane Long (Irish footballer who plays in Southampton)
  • Stuart Iamstrong - Stuart Armstrong (Scottish footballer who plays for Southampton)
  • Will Griggs - Will Grigg

All of them are Premier League/Championship managers.

  • Goes Wilder - Chris Wilder (Sheffield United manager)
  • Daniel Falcon - Daniel Farke (Norwich City manager)
  • Big Dean S./Not Dean Stobbart/Not Dean Henderson - Dean Smith (Aston Villa manager)
  • Grahamarry Potter - Graham Potter (Brighton & Hove Albion manager; he likes to make references to Harry Potter)
  • Blahcello Bielsssa or Marceblah Bielsssa - Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds United manager)
  • Ralph Hasn't-hit'em - Ralph Hassenhvttl (Southampton manager) [i don't have u umlaut on my computer keyboard so i replaced it with v]
  • Sean Dychlex - Sean Dyche (Burnley manager)
  • Steve Brick - Steve Bruce (Newcastle United manager)
  • Not Scottish, Parker - Scott Parker (Fulham manager)