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Tibo Caughtout is a Belgian goalkeeper for Real Madrith. He also used to play for AtleDiego Madrid and Chelsea FC.

Caughtout played with goalkeepers Petr the Czech at Chelski and now plays Ass-smear Begovich and Simon MingingSave for Belgium. Other notable Belgian teammates include Eden Hazardous, Vinjury Kompany, Toby Eldersquirrel, Maroune £28.5 million pound bag of shite Belgian flop afro head and Bentanke. He only talked in the FA Cup 2017 Rap Battle when he was playing Petr the Czech, who was then punched by the Chelsea goalkeeper. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world now but he sometimes messes up. In 2018, he chose to join Real Madrith so that he could stay closer to his children.



  • His old name was Cechout Courtois, due to Cech being the main goalkeeper.