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"I'm Such A Comedian!!"

– Thomasshole Müller


– Thomasshole Müller

Thomasshole Muller is a Germazing football player who plays for FC Buying Monstermunchen.



Muller is a slim man with light skin, brown hair, brown eyebrows, and blue eyes.


Müller is known for joking, mostly about OMGermany's victory over Badzil in the FIFAIFOFUM World Cup 2014 Brazil, as well as trolling football players like Dante and Peperedcarde.


Thomasshole Müller won the UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League 2020/21 by helping FC Buying Monstermunchen crush Lionel Messigician's Brokelona. He also hosts the Muller'n Dor when the Bellen D'Or is considered unfair.



Pepe muller.png

Pepe and Muller have not liked each other since the 2014 World Cup, when he fouled him, Muller liked to mock him in a suitable situation, as with dante, for example, when Bayern won 5 0 with Besiktas, he was mocking him throughout the video, he did not take revenge on him and he didn't knock him off his head



Muller likes to troll Dante because of Badzil's defeat to Germazing in the World Cup. Muller spent his April Fool's Days trolling Dante about it, making references to numbers 7 and 1 in Dante's daily life. This clearly caused Dante to become very angry with him.

After Dante left Bayern, Muller still managed to troll him when Wolvesburger (Dante's currently team) lost to Bayern. After all of those things, Dante revenged Muller, trolling him when he failed sometimes.

Despite that harsh relation, Muller doesn't hate Dante, he just do it for fun, as he likes to make jokes about everything. He tries to state it to Dante, but Muller still keeps taunting him. In some ocasions, they are often shown as friends, as if Dante had already got used to Muller jokes.

Robert Lewangoalski


Müller was halted Robert Lewangoalski when the latter was invited to the Frontmen. He started ruining Lewangoalski's chances in the Frontmen. After the series ended, they returned to being best friends.


  • Muller is the only character to ever meet his real life counterpart.[1]
  • He is considered as one of the most legendary characters on 442oons.