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''Auww. You have hurt my eye! I CAN SEE JESUS! I CAN SEE JESUS!''


Thomasshole Muller is a player of Germazing and Bayern Munchausen. He is known for making many jokes and his catchphrase is: "I am such a comedian". He usually make jokes about Germazing's victory over Badzil in the Brazil 2014 World Cup and he likes to troll former Bayern Munchausen teammate and Brazilian Dante. He also likes to troll Peperedecarde who nearly gave Thomasshole Muller "brain damage" in Brazil 2014 World Cup vs Ronaldugal.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomasshole Muller's personality & name is based on Thomas Muller due to his sense of humor and Thomas once shared a video from 442oons in Twitter.
  • Like many Germazing footballers, he sometimes mispronounces words; such as pronouncing "one" as "fun", when he says The Odd One Out sounds like "Gee Ot Fun Autto".

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