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Suuuuu! or Huuuuu! is Cristiano Arrogantaldo's gag in the 442oons videos. He often squeals after becoming topless. In the Real Madrith v Granada match, Charlie Adam squeals after scoring from 66 yards.


Match Lines
- "The world loves me. Messi... who's he? Throw your top in the air and squeal! Huuuuu!"
"It's okay but not as nice as me... TOPLESS! Huuuuu!"
"Forget those rejects! Look at me... TOPLESS! Huuuuu!"
Real Madrith v Wolvesburger "A hat-trick hero, Suuuu! Suuuu! Zizou! Suuuu! Suuuu! Zizou! Suuuu! Suuuu! Zizou!"
Atletico Madrith v Bancelona
  • Referee (Nicola Rizzoli): "A free kick!"
  • Andres Inhexcellent: "Hey! That was a penalty!"
  • Referee (Nicola Rizzoli): "So sue me."
  • Andres Inhexcellent: "What?"
  • Referee (Nicola Rizzoli): "I said..."
  • Cristiano Arrongantaldo: "So SUUUUUUUUe me! Haha!"