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Skirtland is a country in Europe.



It’s a navy blue flag with a white saltire and a skirt. Text saying Skirtland is in the bottom of the flag.


Because Scottish people wear skirts, it is Skirtland.


Skirtland first appeared when Woy Bodgson sang 500 miles by the Proclaimers, the difference in the flag is that the blue was royal blue, not navy blue. In 2019, Skirtland qualified for UOAFA Euro 2020. In UOAFA Euro 2020, the Skirtland flag blue got darker. A video of Patrik Chick's halfway goal exists. In the Patrik Chick halfway line goal video, Realvaro Morata, Robert Lewangoalski, Alexander Isak, and David Beckham recreated Chick's goal, Divhead Marshall rated the goals.


Name Club Number Position
Flash Gordon Skirtland.pngHearts 1 GK
Stephen O'Donnell Skirtland.pngMotherwell 2 DF
Andy Robertson Englband.jpegLeavethepool 3 DF
Scott McTominay Englband.jpegRonchester United 4 MF
Grant Hanley Englband.jpegNotrich City 5 DF
Kieran Torknee Englband.jpegAFTV FC 6 DF
John McGinn Englband.jpegIngston Villa 7 MF
Callum McGregor Skirtland.pngCeltic 118-118 8 MF
Lyndon Dykes Englband.jpegCPR 9 FW
Che Adams Englband.jpegSaintshampton 10 FW
Ryan Christie Englband.jpegJason Bournemouth 11 FW
Zander Clark Skirtland.pngSt. Johnstone 12 GK
Jack Hendry De Bruynegium.pngClub Brugger 13 DF
Billy Gilmour Englband.jpegChelsea 2021 14 MF
Craig Halkett Skirtland.pngHearts 15 DF
Ryan Jack Skirtland.pngPower Rangers FC 16 MF
Stuart Armstrong Englband.jpegSaintshampton 17 MF
Aaron Hickey Pizza.pngBologna 18 DF
Jacob Brown Englband.jpegStoke Rainy 19 FW
Lewis Ferguson Aberdeen 20 MF

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