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Simon Mingingsave is a goalkeeper of Club boobs and Brillgium. His goalkeeping ability is often mocked to hilarious extents.


Simon Mingingsave made his first appearance in September 2014's Liverpool 1-1 Everton video. He failed to dive to stop a wondergoal from Everom's Phil Jagerbombielka. He transformed into a bottle for a thirsty games parody between Chelski and Liverhamptonpool He also failed to dive to stop a goal from Basle in December 2014 Liverpool Knocked Out of the UCL video. He sung about his failure to stop Akinfenwa's goal and rode Akinfenwa, naked.

In 2015/16 he sung a duo with Brendan the Elephant Seal about his saves during the Arsene vs Leavethepool match in August. In March 2016's Man We’re shite, Ed vs Leavethepool video, Paul Scholes (AKA The Ginger Ninja) sliced off his hands. Mingingsave claimed it wouldn't affect his catching ability but after Anthierry Martial scored Martial replied that he wasn't wrong.

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In August 2016 he accidentally pushed Yougurn Klopp over in the Klopp vs Wenger Rap Battle, Arsey Whinger labe;lling him a master of disaster.