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There is a problem with parsing the infoboxSergio Buckets es un jugador español de Bancelona.


He is based in Sergio Biscuits

. His name is a pun on Busquets, making Buckets and that's because he has a bucket as his body.


He had a minor appearence in the Champions League 2014/15 Final Barcelona X Juventus. In that game he is hit by Vidal. He, along with the whole Bancelona squad, won this game and the League. At that time, we could only see his back.

The first time his face is revealed is in PRAY FOR...who needs what at Xmas Time? (DAY 24 - Christmas Eve! Band Aid Song Parody by 442oons) where he is between Nacho and RTAro Vidal

His first speaking role comes in Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 1-1 (Goals, Highlights, Red Cards +more!)(Copa Del Rey 2017 Semi-Final) where he asks the referee if he could kick the ball. The ref angrily replies "No!" and Buckets still kicks the ball where he is then yellow carded for. 

En la temporada 17-18 su aspecto físico cambia y se transforma en humano