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Samir Nasty is French player who plays for West Hammers.. He formerly played for Seevilla on a loan.


Arsey Whinger

Wenger taunting Samir after Manchester Sheikhy F.C. lost to Arsene F.C. in the Care in the Community Shield 2014.

Whinger is angry at Samir bacause he left Arsene F.C. in 2011, so Whinger uses every possible opportunity to taunt Samir. He once mocked Samir when Arsene won the Community Shield and he shot Samir during Wenger's bad blood rage.

Jamie Voddy

Samir kicking Jamie's face.

Samir headbutted Jamie Voddy during Champions League 2016/17 Quarter Finals. Since that was his second offense in the match, he received a second yellow card and then a red card.

However, Samir didn't believe that Jamie actually didn't took a foul and was just cheating, so he returned to punch and insult Jamie during Engbland game against Lithuania.