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Sacked in the Morning is a song based on "Guantanamera", usually when a club lost against another club. In 442oons, the song was originally performed by MSN Trio when they were still in Barcelonely. After Neymar left the club in 2017 resulting MSN Trio to disband, three randomly chosen former managers replace them to sing the song, with the exception being in 🤣Arsenal lose! Klopp fumes at VAR!😤 #9 Every Premier League Manager Reacts!, where BelJan Vertonghen, Hurri-Kane, and Sony Eriksen of DIY Army sing instead.

The second verse usually ends with "Oh sorry, are we not going to sing the second verse tonight?" In Roberto Martinez - SACKED IN THE MORNING? (442oons song), Divhead Moyes tried to sing the song in Spanish to Roberto Martinez, which he ends with saying "Look, I'll tell you what, Roberto... I'll stop singing in Spanish... if you stop talking sh!te."


Sacked in the morning
You're getting sacked in the morning
Sacked in the morning
You're getting sacked in the morning...