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Running gags are happenings that are remembered or called back a lot of times. In 442oons, there are many running gags that are often used to mock something that happened to a player or manager.

List of running gags (by character)

Adam the Llama

  • Adam the Llama spitting his saliva.

Alan Buttew

  • Alan headbutting someone.

Chewy Suarez

  • Chewy biting someone.
  • Chewy saying "I'm a genius!"
  • He says any prefix that rhymes with chew as chew.
  • Suarez singing the next verse of "Sacked in the morning" for mangers with MSN and then saying "Oh, sorry! Are we not doing the 2nd verse tonight?"

Cristiano Arrogantaldo

  • Cristiano going topless and squealing.
  • Cristiano squealing "Suuuuuuuuuuuu!".
  • Cristiano saying "Little sh*t" when he gets angry, especially at Messigician.
  • Cristiano asking for a pass, especially from Bale.

Cristiano Arroganaldo JR

  • He asking for his mom (or asking what is a mom).

Cristiano Arrogantaldo's Statues

  • The full body statue being mentioned as looking identical to Ronaldo.
  • Joking about the full body statue having an erect p*nis.
  • Euronaldo washing (specially the crotch) of his full body statue
  • The bust statue scaring someone because os it's bizarre appearence.
  • Euronaldo using his bust statue as a substitute.
  • The bust statue substituing Euronaldo's face cometimes as a form of comparison.

David Louise

  • David mentioning how his hair is nice.
  • David being considered a bad defender.

Dele Alli

  • He not wanting to be called Alli and correcting it to Dele instead.
  • He tackling someone.
  • Him waving to the camera.

Diego Costly-Coffee

  • Diego speaking of a way that nobody can understand.
  • Diego being very aggressive and hitting people and objects when angry.

Dimitri Payeater

  • He kissing the boot of a scorer of his team.


  • Kane speaking in a way that no one can understand.
  • Kane missing his free kicks or at least someone mentioning that he is bad with free kicks.

James Run-of-the-Millner

  • He being related with running somehow.
  • He making unfunny jokes.

Jamie's Come Fardy

  • Jamie saying "Chat sh*t get banged!" (or something similar).
  • He or people around him shouting: "Jamie Vardy's having a party!"
  • He drinking or being spotted with a blue bottle on his hand.

Joe Hairt

  • Joe being worried and caring for his hair.
  • Joe washing his hair and usually seen with just a towel.

Lionel Messigician

  • Lionel calling someone a "d*chebag".

Mario Ballotelli

  • Destroying his own property with fireworks.
  • Showing his t-shirt that said "Why always me?"

Marouanne Fellaini

  • Marouanne elbowing someone.

Mustafa Cacki

  • Mustafa running slow.


  • Notaxmar diving.
  • Notaxmar getting in trouble because of the taxes.
  • Notaxmar mentioning giving an orgy to his dad.

Olivier GQ

  • Olivier running slow.
  • Olivier mentioning how he is sexy.

Per Merthacker

  • Per running slow.

Phace Jones

  • Phace Jones making a weird face and saying "Muurrghh!".
  • His face scaring other people.

RTAro Vidal

  • Vidal getting drunk and hitting something or someone with his Ferrari.
    • Sometimes he says "Get off the road, you morons!"

Rafact Benitesh

  • Constantly shouting "FACT!" after the end of his sentences.
  • Holding a bottle with a "2005" mark on it in his hand.

Woy Bodgson

  • Woy not being able to pronounce the letter "r".
  • Woy saying that someone spoke "absolutely f*cking b*llocks".

Yaya Tankoure

  • Yaya Toure: Ah! I don't believe it

Roy Keane

  • Roy Keane saying "Ya F*cking Langers!"


  • The MSN trio being hit by water bottles.
  • The MSN trio singing "Sacked in the morning" for managers.
  • Alternatively, BBC trio singing "Sold in the morning" to MSN when they fail
  • Lucas paqueta dancing to Ava max
  • Richarlison helping yerry how destroy beans beans beans