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There is a problem with parsing the infoboxRoman Imveryich is an owner from Rusputin who owns the English football club Chelsea Bus Company.

Roman with Jose the Special Mong

442oons Career

He is first heard of by calling Jose the Special Mong in trying to get Mesut Eyezil Terrestrial. His first appearance, though, is when he is on his cruise ship with Jose who are making fun of Arsey Whinger who is trying to catch Chewy Suarez. He also makes appearances in Jose's Bus Song threatening him to win a trophy or face being replaced with Divhead Moyes and also is discovered by Arsey Whinger in his Q&A that he is helping Piers Moron with Arsenal's bad form so Whinger gets fired. He even appeared in the Top 10 Done Deals in 2019.



He is depicted as a Russian doll and has a deep Russian accent. He also appeared on Chelsea's old logo.

Jose Sacked! BOX (Chelsea)