Robert Lewangoalski is Bayern's star striker and best Bayern Munich player of all time.

He scored 5 goals against Wolvesburger. On the scoreboard, his name was parodied to things like "Lewanwowski" or, more unpleasently, "Lewanwtfski".

Robert is Polish.

He's based on Robert Lewandowski.

He was in Hattrick Club alongside Lionel Messigician, Cristiano Arrogantaldo and formerly Andre Shirley, who was kicked out of Hattrick Club.


Some people say that he is the most normal from all the football players.

First Apperance Latest Apperance

Hattrick Club 1 ,3 Ronaldo won the Ballon Dor

Lewa 2.jpg

He was Redesigned in 2017 (late)


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