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RONALDO FIVE GOALS Song (Real Madrid 9-1 Granada) was uploaded on 7 April 2015, in which Real Madrith defeated Granada 9-1. It is a parody of "Grenade" by Bruno Mars.


Yes, I'd smash a Granada for goals. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
I'd shout "Get out of the way" for goals. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
I'd shout "YIPPIE KAY YAY" for goals. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
I'd moan about Greedy Bale for goals. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

I would go through all of this pain. To smash all of these records in Spain! Yes, I scored five goals baby! What are my records today?
The fastest hat-trick you have ever scored.
Your 24th hattrick in La Liga, a record.
Which you hold with Lionel Messigician.
The first time you have scored 5 goals in a game.
But have you scored from 66 yards?
Have I scored from 66 yards?

No, no, no!