The Premier League of the English Football Championship of the 2018–2019 season was the 117th edition of the main division of English football (27th as Premier League). The season started on August 10, 2018 and ended on May 12, 2019. Manchester City, the title holder, won the title.

The Premier League is played by 20 clubs in two rounds. In each turn, all teams play each other only once. The games of the second round will be played in the same order as the first, only with the field command reversed. There are no champions by turns, the team with the highest number of points after the 38 rounds being declared champion of England. Tiebreaker criteria [edit | edit source code] If there is a tie between two clubs, the tiebreaker criteria will be applied in the following order: Goal balanceScored goalsDirect confrontation

Premier League 2018-2019.png

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