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Premier League is the English first division. It is the successor to the First Divison and has been going on since 1992.

THIS SEASON - Premier League 20/21

CURRENT CHAMPIONS- Moneychester Sheiky



Pos. Club Titles Orginal Name
1 Ronchester United 20 Manchester United
2 Salahpool 19 Liverpool F.C
3 Arsene 13 Arsenal
4 Cleverton 9 Everton
5 Astonishingly Bad Villa 7 Aston Villa
6 Moneychester Sheiky 7 Manchester City
7 Sunlessland 6 Sunderland
8 Chelsea FC 5 Chelsea
Newcastle Disunited Newcashley Disunited
Shieffield Wenderoy Sheffield Wednesday
11 Wolves Clube de Portugal 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Leeds United (ledde Devils) Leeds United
Huddersfield Terryers Huddersfield Town
Flowers Blackburn sunflower Blackburn Rovers
15 Preston North End 2 Preston North End
DIY Army Tottenham Hotspur
Derby CHampion-ships Derby County
Brrrnley Burnley
Postmouse Portsmouth
20 Nicehypno 1 Nottingham
A Switch Ipswich Town
Shieffield United Shieffield United
West Bromwich Carrier Baggies West Bromwich Albion
Leicester The Foxes
Premier League trophy.png
Leicester City