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Phil Coutinyho is a Badzil football player who plays for Ingston Villa.




He is shorter than most players. He has a sweet and friendly personality, despite being a jerk with Vinjury Kompany

He is a very skilled player and is one of the best players of his club. He is known as "little magician" and he actually can do some magic.


2013/2014 season

Since he was one of the first Leavethepool players to be created, he appeared a lot of times playing for his club.

He has a rivalry with Vinjury Kompany. Because Coutinyho mocked him for accidentally passing the ball to him, allowing him to score. Because of this Coutinyho makes jokes and puns about slice (in football slice is the action of hitting a ball so that it goes to one side rather than straight in front). For revenge, Vinjury Kompany mocks Coutinyho for not being able to have a league winners medal.

He scored many goals and he was part of the Fabulous Fourth along Bobby Firmino, Sadio Mane-Mane and No Salad

He was a candidate for the PFA in 2015 and 2016, but didn't win.

His club ended up being the UOAFA Europey League 2015/16 runners up.

He scored 2 goals for his club in the Premier League 2016/17 first match of Leavethepool vs Arsenal Fan TV FC.

Phil Coutinyho now plays for Ingston Villa after a transfer to Brokelona that made him a flopped player


Bobby Firmino, Sadio Mane-Mane and No Salad


  • His name is a reference to his tiny size.
  • He speaks in a high pitched voice.