Notaxmar is a forward who plays for Badzil and Paris Saint Germoney. He used to play for Bancelona and used to be part of the MSN trio along Chewy Suarez and Lionel Messigician before he left the club in August 2017.

In 2004 he was on trial for Real Madrith but Real Madrith refused and Notaxmar returned back home to Badzil.

Neymar has placed 3rd place twice at the Bellen D'Or.


He is based on Neymar, a Brazilian player whose names come from "no tax" and "Neymar" because when he went to Bancelona, the club payed his father's taxes.

Character Edit

Just like his real counterpart, he plays very well, being one of the best on his team and country. He also has the habit of diving and changing his hairstyle. Neymar helps the refs make right decisions against plays, like Bucket's 1000 dives.

Notaxmar is one of the best players along with his former team mates Lionel Messi and Chewy Suarez. Even though he is almost always seen with them, he barely speaks. Just like I said earlier, he likes to dive, flop and exaggerate plays a lot. This was shown in the World Cup 2014 and World Cup 2018.

Career Edit

He was first seen on the opening of the World Cup 2014 with David Louise and Will.I.An. He later on makes lots of goals in Brazil games. He ends up injured and is out of the Cup, appearing when his team lose to Germazing.

He appeared in Bancelona with Suarez and Messigican, making the "Greatest Trio" and he and Barca won the Not Many Are Really Champions League 2014/15. In 2015, he was nominated for his first FIFARCE Bellen d'Or, but lost to his teamamate Lionel Messigician, although they both had a good rap battle against Cristiano Arrogantaldo that he wanted to win, it's more likely that he was happy when Messi won. Sadly, in another 442oons video, Notaxmar left Barca for PSG and is never going back to Bara (like, ever).
NEYMAR SIGNS FOR PSG!😢MSN are never getting back together..

NEYMAR SIGNS FOR PSG!😢MSN are never getting back together...😢

Interactions Edit

Lionel Messigician Edit


Notaxmar thumbs up Lionel Messigician for winning the FIFARCE Bellen d'Or 2015.

He and Messi were good team mates, they were almost always seen together on a Bancelona game, along with Chewy. Besides that, they didn’t seem to interact too much. The first time they were seen playing together was in the El Classico video, where Messi missed a kick using his magic.

Messi often taunts Notaxmar by comparing his skills and showing his 5 Bellen D'Ors or mocking his hairstyle or diving habits. Although, it's proved that Messi likes Notaxmar a lot, as he cared more about Notaxmar staying rather than winning the Bellen D'Or. It's also hinted that Notaxmar didn't like Messi's taunts about the Bellen D'Or.


Chewy Suarez Edit


Chewy Suarez on his transfer to Barcelona with Notaxmar.

Chewy is a great friend of Notaxmar and is often seen with him more than Messi. Suarez first appears with Notaxmar at his transference day, where the two promise to be best friends forever. They later on speak about practicing a link-up play.

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Trivia Edit

  • His name is a combination of "No", "Tax" and "Neymar". His actual name is Neydivar (Neymar + Dive).
  • He seems to be thinner than Messi and Chewy.
  • Even though he first appeared in the World Cup, in the Jaws parody called Teeth, it's possible to see a clownfish with the words "Finding Neymar".