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North Macciesdonia is a country that appears in 442oons.



It is a red flag with yellow rays of sun, the sun itself is replaced by the McDonald's Golden Arches, on the bottom of the flag it says "North Macciesdonia."


It's name could mean two things. Either just a pun on "Maccies", a common nickname for McDonald's in England and North Macedonia. Or the fact that there are no McDonald's in North Macedonia since 2013, because the person running the Macedonian McDonald's lost their license for unknown reasons.


North Macciesdonia was back then known as Macedonia, and they first appeared in Road to Russia 2018 #2 (Spain vs Liechtenstein 8-0 Israel vs Italy 1-3 Switzerland vs Portugal 2-0), but no Macedonian player appeared in the clip that Macedonia appeared. In November 12, 2020, North Macciesdonia qualified for UOAFA Euro 2020, and a flag was finally made for them!, they re-appeared in the first video of UOAFA Euro 2020, 🔥Italy CRUSH Turkey🔥 (0-3 Euro 2020 Goals Highlights Immobile Insigne Demiral own goal) their latest appearance is in 🤯ITALY ARE OUT OF THE WORLD CUP!🤯 Italy vs North Macedonia 0-1 (2022).


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  • Dean might've known that the was no McDonalds in Macedonia.