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Mo Salah There is a problem with parsing the infoboxis a Leavethepool player and he was born in Egypt.

His name is a parody of Mohamed Salah and Moe from The Simpsons.

His character appearance was changed in season 2017/18.


  • In 2010 Mo start his carrer in El-Mokawloon an Egyptian club
  • in 2012, he sign his first contract for an european club (FC Basil)
  • In 2014, Chelsea Bus Company, buy him, but he didn't play really.
  • in 2015 Chelsea Bus Company send Mo on loan to Fiorentina, and he makes a really good season with Fiorentina and on July Chelsea re-call he from loan.
  • Malwale in summer 2015 ASS Roamer decide to buy Mo from Chelsea Bus Company for 5 mln Euros.
  • In 2017 after only 2 seasons with ASS Roamer, Leavethepool buy Moe for 30 mln Euros become the most expensive player buyed from Leavethepool (Sucefly Virgil van TracSaint will superate him), he makes a straordinary season, the best of his carrer and lost the Champions League final againt Ronal Madrid.
  • on Champions league final 2017 ,Sergio Redos injured Mo and they become fiends.
  • In 2018,"ARGH LAME ARGH LAME ARGH LAME", Salah turned into an British Museum artwork statue and Yougurn Klopp told him to be loaned to West Bromwich.
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