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The Mourinho Letter song was uploaded on the 27th of January 2016.


MOURINHO LETTER! I'M YOURS PARODY (LVG sacked? Mourinho to Man utd?) Cartoon



(Parody of Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours".)

Ed Woodward: I'm Ed Woodward and I'm sick of being defeated, I've tried to be chill but let's face it we're a bit sh*t. Loserpool papered cracks. Should I bring Divhead back?

Every Manchesthair United player: NO!

Ed Woodward: Well, the money's running out, and we've made some big mistakes, yeah. Our style of play is sh*te and that's a quote from out kit-maker.

Wayne The Ogre: I've never said a word...

Ed Woodward: Not you, Wayne! Until now I've held my nerve. But I won't hesitate, no more, no more! What do you think? 'Cause I'm bored!

Wayne The Ogre: Yeah, me too.

Hwan Mata: Me too.

Darmian: I'm bored to death!

Phace Jones: MURRRGHHHHH!!!!!

Anthierry Martial: Je m'ennuie.

Vorsprung durch schweintiger: Me too.

Louis Van Harsh: And me!

Ed Woodward: Louis?! You're supposed to be in Holland!

Louis Van Harsh: Jackass!

Jose the Special Mong: Hello?!

Hwan Mata: Jose?! Ahhh!

Jose the Special Mong: Well open up this letter and you will see! My United plans - well, up to Season 3. Use your head, use your heart. And don't listen to that old fart! Listen to the music of the crowd - people chant for me.

Andy WhataTatey: United scarves! Buy one get Special One free!

Jose the Special Mong: After all, it seems like it's every Man United's fan's God-forsaken right to ben on top! So please don't hesitate, no more bore-draws! This cannot wait! I'm sure! Take advice from Andy Tate!

Andy WhataTatey: Cut his time short!

Jose the Special Mong: This is his fate! I'm yours! Now do-you, do-you, do-you, oh do you want me? Come on! Scooch on over here, closer dear! And just sign right here! I'll win the title in a year!

Every Manchesthair United player except Hwan Mata: We want Mourinho! Please don't say no Ed-Ceo! Show Louis the door and make sure he takes his saxophone!

Phace Jones: MURGH!

Jose the Special Mong: I'll win the title wherever I go! And I'm yours!