Mouchester United is a club from Engbland. It's based on Manchester United.

Name Origin Edit

The club's current name is a parody at how they spent money to buy Pogba in 2016. He was the most expensive player in the world, costing €105mn (£89.3mn at the time). He is currently the fourth most expensive player in the world, and will become the fifth most expensive player when Mbappe transfers to PSG at the end of the 2017/18 season.

MoneychesterUnited slang term derived from the shortened Man U version of their name. This name is used in a mocking fashion.

Manseventher United was because they finished in seventh place during Premier League 2013/14, the season following Sir Alex Whiskey-nose's retirement and Divhead Moyes becoming a manager.

Manchesthair United is a reference to Giggs's chesthair. At that time, Giggs was in the club's logo holding a trident.

Zlatanchester United is a tribute to Zlatan which is shown when the video was about him.

Squad Edit

NUM. Position Player Name Nationality
1 GK David De Gea Spain
2 DF Victor Lindelof Zweden
3 DF Eric Bailly Ivory Coats
4 DF Phace Jones Engbland
5 DF Markos Badly Rojo Handballgentina
6 MF Poor Pogba Les Blose
7 FW Dirty Sanchez Chilly
8 MF The Special Juan Max Spayne
9 FW Romelu NotBluekaku Brillgium
11 FW Anthierry Martial Les blose? Most like: Griezmann 's blose
12 DF Chris Talling Engbland
14 MF Jessie Lingard Engbland
13 GK Lee Grunt Engbland
17 DF DaleyDevil Blind Ho-Land
18 MF Ghastly Tongue Engbland
19 FW Midas Rashford Engbland
20 GK Sergio Romero Handballgentina
21 MF Anderrrrr Herrera Max Spayne
23 DF Luke Shalways Injured Engbland
25 MF Affairio Valencia Equadoh
27 MF 27.5 Million Pound Bastard Bag of Shite Belgian Flop Brillgium
31 MF Nemanja Matić Serbia
17 MF Fred (Mouchester United) Badzil
36 DF Matteo Damian Greataly

Former players Edit

NUM Position Player Name Nationality Destiny Club
7 MF George Best Northern Ireland Stockport County
1 GK Trim Howard USA Colorado Rapids
2 DF Gary Neville The Devil Engbland Retired
2 DF Raphael Badzil Pique Lyonnais
3 DF Phil Neville Engbland Everton
3 DF Patrice Whatevra Girgingam Yousuckmebruh OM
7 FW Cristiano Arrogantaldo Ronaldugal Real Getrid
7 FW Angel Devil Di Maria Handballgentina Paris Saint Germoney
7 FW Memphis DePiero Ho-land Pique Lyonnais
9 FW Failcow Collapsebia AS Moneyco FC
10 FW Wayne The Ogre  Engbland Cleverton
7 FW Eric Cantona Les Blose Retired
11 MF Tryiton Giggs Walesh Retired
14 FW Little Pea Hernandez Texmexico Pea-Er Leverkusen
16 MF Roy Keane Roypublic of Ireland Celtic
17 MF Nanny Ronaldugal Fernebahçe
18 MF Paul Scholosey Engbland Not Retired, plays tennis!
19 DF Gerard Piqkira Max Spayne Bancelona
19 FW Danny Weln-back Engbland Arsene F.C.
20 FW Super Van Ho-Land Fernebahçe
23/35 MF Tom Not So Cleverley Engbland Cleverton
29 MF Wil-fried Zaha Ivory Coats Crystal Palose
31 MF Schweine Germazing Chicago Fire
32 FW Carloth Teveth Handballgentina Manchester Sheiky F.C.
32 GK Victor Valdes O'connor BestSpayne3VRA Brough

Managers Edit

Manager Nationality Period
Sir Alex Whiskey-nose Skirtland 1987-2013
Divhead Moyes Skirtland 2013-2014
Louis Van Harsh Ho-Land 2014-2016
Jose Moaninho Ronaldugal 2016-

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Premier League Edit

League Season Position Pts.
Premier League 2013/14 7 64
Premier League 2014/15 4 70
Premier League 2015/16 5 66
Premier League 2016/17 6 69
Premier League 2017/18 2 ...

 UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League Edit

League season Group Group position Knockout phase
Champions League 2015/16 B 3rd None
Champions League 2017/18 A 1st Last 16

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Trivia Edit

  • It's logo used to be a devil but it was changed to Tryiton Giggs. It was later changed into Zlatan (when worn by Zlatan) or a Pound symbol.