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Mbappe FC is a Varance club playing in Ligue Urn





Originally, the football players (except Lavvezi and Salvatore Sirigu) were based on characters from the TV series Masters of the Universe. After Zlatan Egohimovic transferred to Ronchester United at the end of 2015/16 season, the series ended.


Number Nationality Position Name Appeared CAP
1 Costa Coffeereeker Goalkeeper Key-lord Navas Yes
2 Morocco Defender Achraf Hakimi Yes
3 Varance Defender Preselel Kimpembe Yes Vice-Captain
4 Espaniel Defender Sergio Redos Yes
5 Badzil Defender Marquinhos Yes Captain
6 Greataly Midfielder Marco Theratti Yes
7 Varance Forward Kylian MMMboppe Yes
8 Handballgentina Midfielder Leandro ExParesh Yes
9 Handballgentina Forward Mauro Bicardi Yes
10 Badzil Forward Notaxmar Yes
12 Badzil Midfielder Raphina No
14 Espaniel Defender Juan Bernat Yes
15 Ronaldugal Midfielder Danilo Pereira Yes
16 Espaniel Goalkeeper Sergio Reeko Yes
17 Ronaldugal Midfielder Vitinha Yes
19 Espaniel Midfielder LawrenceOf Sarabia Yes
20 Varance Defender Layvin Kursadawa OMG Yes
21 Espaniel Midfielder Anderrrrr Herrera Yes
22 Manegal Defender Abdou Diallo Yes
23 OMGermany Midfielder Bobby Draxler Yes
24 OMGermany Defender Thilo Kehrer No
25 Ronaldugal Defender Nuno Mendes Yes
27 Manegal Midfielder Idrissa Gueye Yes
28 Varance Midfielder Éric Junior Dina Ebimbe No
29 Varance Forward Arnaud Kalimuendo No
30 Handballgentina Forward Lionel Messigician Yes
44 Varance Forward Hugo Ekitike (on loan from Reims) No
90 Varance Goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier No
99 Greataly Goalkeeper Gianluigi Smadonnarumma Yes
- - Varance Defender Nordi Mukiele No

Out on loan

Former Number National Team Position Name Appeared Loan To Loan Due
- - Varance Defender Colin Dagba No Strasbourg 30 June 2023