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Manchester United, known as Man We’re shite, Ed in the 442oons universe, is a very prestigious club from England. They have won 20 Premier League titles and many other trophies. However, they seem to have fallen from grace since the departure of Sir Alex Whiskey-nose. They were about to buy Jadon Sancho for 120 million.

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Current players
Number Position Name Nation
1 GK David De Saver Max Spayne
2 DF Victor Lindelof Zweden
3 DF Eric Bailly Ivory Coats
4 DF Murghhhhhhh Engbland
5 DF Harry Maguire Engbland
6 MF Paul Pogba Varance
8 MF The Special Juan Max Spayne
9 FW Anthony Martial Varance
10 FW Midas Rashford Engbland
13 GK Lee Grunt Engbland
14 MF Jessie Lingard Engbland
16 DF Markos Rojo Handballgentina
17 MF Fred Badzil
18 MF Bruno Fernandes Ronaldugal
20 DF Diogo Dalot Ronaldugal
21 MF DaniRed James Bales
22 GK Sergio Romero Handballgentina
23 DF Luke Shalways Injured Engbland
25 ST Onion Ighalo Nigeriatrica
11 ST Mason Pinkwood Engbland
29 DF Aaron Wan-Bissaka Engbland
31 MF Nemanja Matić Serbestia
39 MF Scott McTominay Skirtland
34 MF Donny had a beak Ho-Land
Former players
Number Position Name Naition Destination
7 MF David Beckham Engbland Real Madrith
1 GK Edwin van der Sar Ho-Land Retired
2 DF Gary Neville Engbland Retired
2 DF Rafael Badzil Pique Lyonnais
3 DF Phil Nevill Engbland Everton
3 DF Patrice Whatevra Varance Retired
7 FW Cristiano Euronaldo Ronaldugal Ronventus
7 FW Angel Di Maria Handballgentina PSlotsofG
7 FW Memphis the Pie Ho-Land Pique Lyonnais
9 FW Failcow Collapsebia George Gallotsaway
10 FW Wayne The Ogre Engbland Derby County
21 FW Zlatan Egohimovic Zweden AC Zlaten
7 FW Eric Cantona Varance Retired
11 MF Tryiton Giggs Wales Retired
14 FW Little Pea Hernandez Texmexico LA Galax-Z 
16 MF Roy Keane Roypublic of Ireland Celtic
17 MF Nanny Ronaldugal Fernebahçe
18 MF Paul Scholes Engbland Not Retired, plays tennis!
19 DF Gerard Piqkira Max Spayne Barcelona
19 FW Danny Welback Engbland WTFord
20 FW Super Van Ho-Land Fernebahçe
21 MF Ander Herrera Max Spayne PSlotsofG
23/35 MF Tom Cleverley Engbland Cleverton
29 MF Wee Willy Zaha Ivory Coast Crystal Palace
31 MF Bastian Schweinsteiger Germazing Retired
17 FW DaleyDevil Blind Ho-Land Eye-axe
12 DF Chris Talling Engbland AS Rome
36 DF Matteo Damian Greataly Parma
7 FW Dirty Sanchez Chile Inter Mulan
25 DF Antonio Valencia Equadoh IDU Quito


Carlos Tevez Handballgentina Boca with Teeth Juniors
18 MF/DF Ghastly Tongue England Inter Mulan
9 FW Romelu Bluekaku Brillgium Inter Mulan
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