The 2.matchday of Premier League 2015/16


Commentator : Good evening it's not match of the day, it's Proverbs Of the day.

Manchester Sheiky F.C. - Chelsea Bus Company

PROVERB 1 : An Apple A Day...

Jose Moaninho : Eva give a Apple.

Commentator : Keeps The doctor away.

PROVERB 2 : If At First You Don't Succed...

Commentator : Try, try, and try again

1-0' Aguerooooooooo!!!

PROVERB 3 : Practice Makes Perfect...

Ass-smear Begovich : I've been practicing my punching.

Gary Vkahill Blue : Au!

Ass-smear Begovich : and no i'm perfect.

PROVERB 4 : You Can't Make An Omelet...

Fernandeanhno : Yes!

Commentator : I said eggs not head.

PROVERB 5 : When The Going Gets Tough...

Commentator : the tough get subs.

PROVERB 6 : The Grass Is Always Greener...

Ramires : yes! yes! waohu! yes!

Commentator : Offside!

PROVERB 7 : Two Is Kompany...

Commentator : What A Header goal!

2-0' Kompany!

Commentator : seen breeze

3-0' Fernandeanhno!

LAST PROVERB (8) : (s)He Who Laughs Last...

Eva : Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha!

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