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MSN - El Aprendiz/442oons Total Drama for the manager for Barcelona: Barca Boss Edition is a series that featured the MSN trio looking for a new manager after they bad season in 2016/17. There were 12 candidates for the charge. The candidates had to split in teams and do challenges, with 1 being eliminated in case his team failed in the challenge.




  1. Cristiano Euronaldo - Player Manager, Portugal Men
  2. Jose Moaninho - Manager for Hire
  3. Rafact Beneatesh - Manger and Part-Time Waiter
  4. Divhead Moyes - 3-time Manager of the Year (really)
  5. Brendan Rodgers - Former Elephant Seal Handler
  6. Ronald Cowman - Barca Legend
  7. Cloutio Ranieri - Miracle-worker
  8. Yougurn Klopp - Motivational Speaker
  9. 4sene Wenger - Ex-Arsenal Manager
  10. Woy the Owl - Founder of the F.W.O.G.
  11. Jorge Sampaoli - Angry Little Bald Dude
  12. Roy Meane - Angry Irish Dude
  13. Ernesto Valverde (winner, appeared only in last video)

Supporting characters

Pilot : Paris Saint Germoney 4-0 Bancelona/ Old Lady 3-0 Bancelona

Barcelona lose vs PSG away In Champions League 1st Leg in Selends Kits. But they do a great coming wiining 6-1 in the second leg.

However, Barca lost to Old Lady 3-0 in the first leg of Champions League Quater-finals and them draw 0-0 in the second leg. Barca is eliminated from Champions League.

Now they are searching for a new manager.


12 Managers 1 Manager Job.

Challenge 1 : Inprovment task

Team 1 : Divhead Moyes, Yougurn Klopp, Brendan the Elephant Seal, Clowdio Ranieri, Ronald Cowman, Woy Bodgson

Team 2 : Cristiano Euronaldo, Jose Moaninho, Arsey Whinger, Rafact Benitesh, Jorge Sampaoli, Roy Meane

Both of teams had €200 milion euros (+ 1 extra euro) to spend, and they've must to spend them.

Team Jose

They've bought Poor Pogba from Manchesthair United for €160 milion, and Ed Woodward also released on a free Zlatan Egohimovic to Bancelona. But €40 milion euros (+ that 1 extra pound) of their money just came out of door.

Team Divhead Moyes

Divhead Moyes strack a 4 deals (in overall €200 milion euros) Wayne The Ogre and Marouanne Failaini from Manchesthair United, and Trim Howard from Colorado Rapids.

Winner (until...) : Team Moyes

Arsey Whinger was planed to be fired, but he sayd he was to force €900 milion euros (but i think he lied) in Antoine 4G-zmann, Dirty Sanchez, Hurri-Kane, Robert Lewangoalski, Pierre-Emerick Ibangyermam, Leonardo Bonucci, David De Saver, Hector Bellerina and Phil Coutinyho.

Then it was annouced the Team Jose win.

One of team Moyes has to be fired, and it was Clowdio Ranieri.

12 becomes 11.


Challenge 2 : Sail task


🔴MSN El Aprendiz 2🔵Transfer Challenge - who will become Barca's New Boss?!

MSN give the candidates a sell list, where was :

Challenge 3 : FIFA 17 Comeback

Score of Team 1 : Barcelona 642-0 Juventus (agg. 642-3)

Score of Team 2 : Barcelona 0-??? Juventus (agg. 0-???)

Fired : Jose Moaninho

Team 1 cheated and break the rules, but From Team 2 Manager is Fired.

Challenge 4 : NEW KIT

Team 1 New Kit : (Winning Europan Cup 1991-1992 the Orange kit by Scoring Ronald Cowman.)

Team 2 New KIt : (First ever eco-friendly kit, however the 1st design was stolen by Jose Moaninho)

Winner : Team 2

Fired : Divhead Moyes, Woy Bodgson, Rafact Benitesh, Ronald Cowman.

Challenge 5 : EXSCUSES

Fired : Brendan the Elephant Seal

Challenge 6 : REFEREES

Fired : Cristiano Euronaldo and Roy Meane (killed).

Semi-Final : Break a Leg

MSN was supposed to pass the task to the three remaining managers, but Cristiano Euronaldo and the Real Getrid's squad passed by lifting the Champions League trophy. Messi lost his nerves and determined the new task to be breaking Euronaldo's leg.

  • Jose Moaninho: beat Euronaldo's leg with a bat disguised as Roy Meane.
  • Arsey Whinger: called Koscielny to tackle and break Euronaldo's leg.
  • Yougurn Klopp: disguised himself as a Airport worker and broke Euronaldo's leg.

It's revealed that all of them failed because they broke the legs of Euronaldo's clones. Wenger use the opportunity to beat Klopp with a bat for making Arsene F.C. out of the Champions League. Messi then sacks Wenger for this and chases Euronaldo to break his leg.

Fired : Arsey Whinger

THE FINAL : ????

Winner: Klopp

Loser : Jose Maoninho

But Klopp didn't accept because he just wanted to be a manager to not let Cuteinho sign for Bancelona. Then Ernesto Valverde appears and they let he be the new manager.

The Bancelona New Manager: Ernesto Valverde