Lolis Krapius is a Germazing goalkeeper who play in Liverinthepastpool. He is former Liverinthepastpool player. He appeared performing an awful backpass. He made some crucial mistakes in UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League 2017/18 against Bale Madrid.

He featured in multiple videos part of the "goggle in the box" alongside Jurgen Klopp, where he doesn't remember his own crucial goal-keeping mistakes due to his supposed "concussion". His first appearance was in a video called "A Day in the Life of Loris Karius", where he makes multiple mistakes in relation to the fact that he's a risky goal keeper.

He has been referenced by Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverinthepastpool on many occasions, for example when the manager was talking to Alisson, he demanded that if he were to make the same mistakes as Karius, he would also be sent to BESIQTAS.

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