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Little Pea Hernandez is a Mexican football player who plays for LA Galax-Z and Mexico national football team.



As his nickname in real life suggests, Hernández is a pea with tan skin and spiky black hair resembling bangs.



His major appearance was in "Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1-0" during a match Real Getrid vs Atletijoao Madrid 1-0, where he passed most of the game failing with his kicks until Arrogantaldo came and passed to him to score a goal.[1] Later, Hernández appeared alongside Van Persie to Man We're shite, Ed exiting UCL.[2]

In the FIFARCE World Cup 2018 Rusputin, Hernández appeared when Chucky scored against Germany. It is also revealed that he put chili in the pre-match meal of Germazing, leading them to keep pooping themselves and lose the game.[3] He also scored one goal against South Korea, a feat that led to 50 goals and the knockout stage against Badzil.[4]


Hernández is shown to be friends with his Mexico teammates, including Chucky Lozano, Tex-Mex Luther, and Carlos Salcedo.