Picture of old Lionel Messi

Best Friend: Robert Lewangoalski, Chewy Suarez, Notaxmar, Andres Inhexcellent

Worst Fiends: Sergio Redos, Marcello, Gigi Bouffant, Cristiano Euronaldo

He spent his whole senior career at Barcalonely. In late 2020, he broke Pele's record for scoring the most goals for a club (Barcalonely, 644)

In 2012, he scored a record 91 goals in a calendar year.

He joined Hattrick Club alongside Robert Lewangoalski, Cristiano Arrogantaldo and formerly Andre Shirley, who was kicked out of Hattrick Club.

He is one of the best player in the world of all time, .

He's Dean's favourite player. (Because Dean usually insults Ronald


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