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This club is loosely based on Liverpool F.C in real life. In the video, it is also known as Salahpool or Lorverpool. It's stadium is Jurgenfield (Anfield in real life). It is also one of the best clubs in the world.


NO. Pos. Player Name Nationality
1 GK Alisson Becker Badzil
6 MF Thiago Max Spayne
3 MF Fabinho Badzil
4 DF Virgil van TracSaint Ho-Land
5 MF Georginio Whycantscoreawaydum Ho-Land
7 MF James Run-of-the-Millner Engbland
8 MF Naby Keita Guinabykeita
9 FW Bobby Firmino Badzil
10 LW Sadio Mane-Mane Senegal
11 RW No Salad Egypt
12 DF Joe Selena Gomez Engbland
13 GK Adrian Max Spayne
14 MF Jordim Henderun Engbland
18 MF Takumi Minimano Japan
20 LW Diogo Jota Ronaldugal 
23 FW Xherdan Shakira Swatcherland
26 DF Andrew Robertson Skirtland
27 FW Divock TwoorThreegi Brillgium
32 DF Joel Matip Cameroon
48 MF Curtis Jones Engbland
66 DF Trent Alexander-Armstrong Engbland
67 MF Harvey Elliott Engbland

Former playersEdit

Manchester United vs Liverpool 1-1 -GINGER NINJA! Paul Scholes Rant! Coutinho Goal! Europa League

Manchester United vs Liverpool 1-1 -GINGER NINJA! Paul Scholes Rant! Coutinho Goal! Europa League

1.Jerzy Dudek (went to Real Madrith, now retired)

2/17 Alvaro Arable (wrócił do Real Madrid później West Ham i teraz przeszedł na emeryturę)

4. Kolo Toure (went to Celtic)

5. Milan Baros (went to Gaston Villa later Galatasaray and now Banik Ostrava)

5. Daniel Agger (went back to Denmark and now retired at young age)

6. Dortmund Lovren (went to zenit)

7. Chewy Suarez (went to Barcelionela)
Liverpool 2017
8. Slippy Gerrard (out to LAG later Finished Career)

9. Fernando Torrid (went to Chelski and later to ACDC Milan and Atletico Madrith)

Andy Carrallwaysinjured (out to WestHammers, now Newcastle Disunited)

9. Iago Badpass (out to Celta de Vigo)

23. JC (retired)

10. Phil Cuteinho (out to Barcelionela, now on loan at FC Bayern Munchausen)

11. Sellifyoucan Diao

12. Christian Poorness

13. Paul Connedchesky

6. Ginge Arne Riise

14. Xabi Irunslow (Bale Madrid and later Bayern Munchausen)

24. Welsh Pirlo (Stoke Wet and Windy)

9. Christian Beatnik (Crystal Pardew)

25. Pepe Reina (Bayern Munchausen and later S.S.C. Napoli)

18. Kuytwoman

31. Rah££m Loves St£rling (out to Manchester Shieky)

37 Martin Skorcel (out to Fenerbacce SK)

38 Jon Flanagan (out to Brrrnley)

45 Not so Super Mario Balotelli (out to OMG)

50. Lazarquest Markovic (out to Fulham City)

Joao Teixeira (do Vitoria Guimaraes)

?? Adam Bogdan ( on loan to wigan)

Peter Crouch (out to Portsmouth and later Tottenham Hotform and Stoke Wet and Windy)

Madman Sakho (to Crystal Pardew)

Lucas Leiva (to Lazio)

Dominication Solanke ( to Jason Bournemouth)

Danny Ings (out to Saintshampton)

Conor Masterson (To QPR)

Simon Mingingsave (To Club Bobbs)

Marko Grujic (to Hertha Locker)

Ragnar Balaklavan (to Cagliari)

Alberto Smalleno (to Yellow Submarine)

Connor Randall (to Arda Kurdzhali)



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  • It is known as Li-VAR-pool FC
  • It is also known as Salahpool
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