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Leavethepool is a BorEngland club that plays in the Premier League



The badge is a ostrich that has glasses and a hat resembling Yougurn Klopp.


The name Leavethepool appeared when Phil Coutinyho was transferring to Brokelona. It possibly means that Coutinyho has left Leavethepool.


Leavethepool first appeared as LOLerpool in 😁LUIS SUAREZ BITE😁 by 442oons (Suarez Evra Ivanovic football cartoon) Seven Sins of Suarez after Arsenal Fan TV FC unsuccessfully tried to buy Chewy Suarez.

They had many moments when they thought they were going to win the league. However, Stevie Wellard had slipped in the game vs Chelsea 2021 which caused Moneychester Sheiky to win the league instead.


Number Nationality Position Name Appeared CAP
1 Badzil Goalkeeper Alisson Pecker Yes
3 Badzil Midfielder Fabinho Yes
4 Ho-Land Defender Virgil van TracSaint Yes 3rd
5 Varance Defender Ibrahima Konate Yes
6 Espaniel Midfielder Thiago Alcatrazra Yes
7 BorEngland Midfielder James Run-of-the-Millner Yes Vice
8 Guinea Midfielder Naby Keita Yes
9 Badzil Forward Bobby Firmino Yes
10 Manegal Forward Sadio Mane-Mane Yes
11 Egypt Forward No Salad Yes
12 BorEngland Defender Joe Selena Gomez Yes
13 Espaniel Goalkeeper Adrian Yes
14 BorEngland Midfielder Jordim Henderunson Yes Captain
15 BorEngland Midfielder Alex Oxeleonardo Chamberlain Yes
17 BorEngland Midfielder Curtis Jones Yes
18 Japan Forward Takumi Minimano Yes
20 Ronaldugal Forward Diogo Jota Yes
21 Grease Defender Costa Timmykas Yes
22 Germazing Goalkeeper Lolis Krapius Yes
23 Collapsebia Forward Luis Diaz Yes
26 Skirtland Defender Andrew Robertson Yes
27 Brillgium Forward Divock TwoorThreegi Yes
32 Camerold Defender Joel Matip Yes
46 BorEngland Defender Rhys Williams No
62 Roypublic of Ireland Goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher Yes
66 BorEngland Defender Trent Alexander-Armstrong Yes
67 BorEngland Midfielder Harvey Elliott Yes
97 Badzil Goalkeeper Marcelo Pitaluga No

Out on loan

Former Number Nationality Position Name Appeared Loan To Loan Due
28 BorEngland Defender Ben Davies (1995) Yes Sean Bean United 30 June 2022
47 BorEngland Defender Nathaniel Phillips No Jason Bournemouth 30 June 2022
54 BorEngland Midfielder Sheyi Ojo No Millwall 30 June 2022
58 Bales Midfielder Ben Woodburn No Heart of Midlothian 30 June 2022
72 Ho-Land Defender Sepp van den Berg No Preston North End 30 June 2022
76 Bales Defender Neco Williams Yes Foolham 30 June 2022



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