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The song was uploaded on the 16th of February 2016.


Last 16 SONG! UEFA Champions League 2015 2016 Intro Parody (Cartoon)



(Melody: Champions League Anthem)

Schlong Terry: We are the BUS team!

Zlatan Egohimovic: Let's kick them out of this tournament like their fans kick black people off the Metro.

Pep, si? Guardiola: Best team in Manchester!

Thomasshole Muller: Hahaha! You're such a comedian! Hey - I can see Jesus.. Navas!

Chewy Suarez: We are the champions!

Arsey Whinger: Do you still have a release clause?

Chewy Suarez: Yes, it says we must release you in the last 16!

Dante: You're toilet!

Lord Bendtner : Amen to that!

Cristiano Arrogantaldo: Do it for Rafa! Just kidding! Do it for me!

Thomasshole Muller: Let's settle this with a dance off!

Diego Simeone: Please don't be shy... that's it Philip!

Hulk: It's smash time!

Thomasshole Muller: The final 16! Who'll be champions?