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There is a problem with parsing the infoboxJuliet Lescott is a player of Gaston Villa and Engbland.



He is based in Joleon Lescott. His name is a pun with Juliet from Romeo and Juliet and that's why he has a woman body.



His first appearence was in Wacky Races Satge 15, when his club ties 1-1 with Saintshampton.

He also appeares in Wacky Race Stage 21, where he makes the goal for Gaston Villa win over Crystal Pardew. He also appered in Wacky Races Stage 25 scoring the winning goal against Notrich City,

He represented his club after Remedial French Garde was sacked. After it he is seen being knocked in the drop zone in Wacky Race Stage 34, Stage 37 and Stage 38.