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Joey Beton is a former BorEngland football player who currently manages Bristol Rovers.



In 442oons, he has long black hair, it used to be short in The Journey (man), he has the same nose a Thomasshole Muller, who appears in the Moneychester Sheiky shirt while Beton played for Moneychester Sheiky. When he moved to New-Cash United, he grew his hair longer and shaved the sides of his hair. He also has small eyes, and often, he makes an angry face, since his personality is mad, aggressive, violent and angry.


He is a violent, aggressive person who has anger issues. Due to this he has been sent to jail. He also attacks players on the field and often, they get injured. He ended careers, In The Journey (man), he broke a pedestrian's leg at 2am, the pedestrian's design is the same as Dean Stobbart. He also attacked the Moneychester Sheiky while playing for CPR.


Joey Beton first appeared during LUIS SUAREZ BITE ğŸŽ¬Silence of the Lambs RemakeğŸŽ¬! by 442oons (football cartoon parody) when he was locked in a cell along with Tryiton Giggs and Chewy Suarez. He would later return with most of the cast to sing Bland Aid.



  • He is the first person to have his face shown in 442oons.