Jessica Alba
Jessica AlbaThere is a problem with parsing the infobox is a player from Bancelona. She was just seen making an own goal and passing the ball to Lionel Messigician and Chewy Suarez.

Origin Edit

She is based on Jordi Alba, even though she doesn't look nothing with him. Instead, she looks like the american actress Jessica Alba.

Her name is a joke because both Jordi and Jessica begin with J and they both have Alba on their names.

It's unknown, although, why 442oons made he look that way, maybe it was to mock him.

Trivia Edit

  • She is one of a few real life male footballers that were turned into girls on 442oons.
  • She doesn't seen to be very intelligent, because she comemorated when she made her own goal.
  • Even though she is female, she has the same body as a male player.