There is a problem with parsing the infoboxJamie's Come Fardy is a character that plays for Nigelesster City and Engbland.. He wears the number #9 shirt for his club. He made his debut in the twelfth episode of Premier League Wacky Races when Gomess kicked him into the record books. His catchphrase is 'CHAT SH*T GET BANGED'.        

Trivia Edit

  • Jamie being knocked into the record books might have been intentional as he was, at the time, one goal away from equalising Ruud van Nistelroy's record for most goals scored in consecetive games. 
  • In Wacky Races Stage 13, Jamie acts shocked when the commentator suggest that he equalled the record because of the new Japanese engine his team had installed. This was a parody of the racism incident Vardy was involved in, as well as a reference to Vardy's Japanese teammate Shinji Okazaki. 
  • Jamie's body is just like Pedro and JC
  • Jamie's arch rival is Andy Carrallwaysinjured because they have the same number for their respective clubs.
  • Jamie's nickname is Yorkshireman Messi because his rival Andy Carrallwaysinjured is a Geordie CR7 .