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I'm a genius! is one of Chewy Suarez's quotes. The quote was said by Chewy for the first time in the 2014 World Cup match against Engbland.


Match Line
Urucry v Engbland "Haha! Fooled you, JoJo! I'm a genius! O-M-G! O-M-G!"
"Haha! Fooled you, Slippy! I'm a genius! O-M-G! O-M-SlippyG!"
Bancelona v Atletico Madrith
  • Chewy: "He walked into my foot!"
  • Referee (Felix Brych): "Play on!"
  • Chewy: "Haha! I'm a genius!"
  • Chewy: "He walked into my hands!"
  • Referee (Felix Brych): "Play on!"
  • Lionel Messigician: "Oh, what a douchebag!"
  • Chewy: "I'm a genius!"


"You're a genius"

In the match between Bancelona and Atletico Madrith, Diego Simemoane throws Chewy on the pitch after he scored Bancelona's second goal, severely injuring him. When the referee sees it, Simemoane says: "He walked into my hands", convincing the referee, who answered "Play on!". Chewy says "You're... a... genius..." before fainting.

"You are not a genius"

In the Transfer Window before Premier League 2017/18, Bancelona wanted to sign Philippe Cuteinho, but Klopp didn't want him to leave. So Klopp called the MSH trio to try to fool and perusade Cuteinho to stay. Henderson, acting like Suarez, said to Cuteinho as a reason for Barca not wanting him: "You are not a genius".