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Hugoalkeeper Lloris is a player that plays for Tottenham Hotform and Les Blose, obviously a goalkeeper. He debuted in June 2014's France 0-1 Germazing video, but was first seen in a Spurs shirt in February 2015's Hurri-Kane Sweeps Through North London video. He was re-designed in June 2016 in a UOAFA Euro 2016 video, the first one infact (France 2-1 Transylromania), where he saved a shot early on from Transylromania's Bogdan Stancu . This design first appeared in a Spurs shirt in August 2016's Livin' For The Prem where he appears with the rest of the Tottenham Hotform team, including Hurri-Kane and Victor Wanyama. After winning the 2018 World Cup, he got an obsession of drinking much alcoholic drinks.

His name was seen in the Tottenham X Manchester City 2-0 Highlights video in the line-ups.


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Lloris's original design was very cartoony, with slightly unrealistic eyes. The re-designed looked a lot more like Hugo Lloris, with a slimmer face and smaller eyes.