There is a problem with parsing the infoboxGonzalo Higuain is a player that plays for Chelsarri (on loan from Old lady) and Handballgentina. Hie appears during the Copa America 2015 final where he missed the net when no one was around to protect the goal. This led to Carloth Teveth to start mocking and blaming him for losing the finals against Chilly; succesfly he appears how an Old lady player


  • He is one of the few 442oons characters .He was born in Les Blose in Paris but his father's come from Handballgentina and he prefer take the argentine nationality.
  • In Last season in Serie A TIM score 36 goals in 35 match played
  • In summer 2016 he pass from SSC Nippli to the rivals of Old lady, much Napoli's supportes took the news badly
  • In 2018 after the arrives of Cristiano Arrogantaldo to Old lady, Hugeain were loan out to ACDC Milan

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