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There is a problem with parsing the infoboxGerard Piqkira is a defender who plays for Bancelona. He is in a small rivalry with Sergio Redos. He is one of the best defenders. He is best defender for Bancelona and he will be.

based on Gerard Piqué. His name is Gerard Piqkira because his wife is a famous singer called Shakira and hes Pique.


He is first mentioned in Champions League 2014/15, when the referee asks who has stolen the net, and Messi, Suarez and Notaxmar answer "Pique, of course!".

His first appearence was in the video where he gets tweets from Real Madrith players after Bancelona draw.



  • Messi, Suarez and Notaxmar say that it was him who stole the net because he once stole a net after Barca was champion.
  • His original name was Nelson Piquet based on F1 3-times world champion.