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"I'm monkey man!"

– Garry Bale

Gareth Bale is a Welsh footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Wales national team. He first appeared as a monkey until UOAFA Euro 2016, where he got a human design. Gareth Bale also gets injured a lot and is hated by Cristiano Euronaldo and Zenedine Zidane.

In a video of El Classico when Barcelona beat Real Madrid, Bale and Cristiano Arragontaldo almost kissed, but Suarez interrupted them by saying "Oh, Jesus Christ! Get a room!!" with Ronaldo agreeing with him.


Bale start as defender in Southampton. In 2007, Bale transferred to DIY Army for 6 years and later met his future teammate Luka Modric. In April 2009, Bale and Modric faced Christiano Arrogantaldo when he was in Man United. In 2013, he transfer to Real Madrid and reunite with Modric and Arrogantaldo. He became distant with Real Madrid fans and started playing golf. On 19 September 2019, Bale returned to Tottenham Hotspur on a loan. He returned to Real Madrid the following summer.