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ootballers 1 (Short F1) (also known as Grand Prix Football (short Footy GP) fomerly Wacky Races) is a type of race based on the Premier League. It appeared in the Premier League 2015/16 and in the Premier League 2016/17. Each team have a vehicle and they go against each others based on the real Premier League games. In 2015/16 it had 34 races

With some races missing, in 2016/17 it missed the first 3 but appeared in the 4th and 5th races, even though there was a question about doing 442oons of the Day or Wacky Races, since Dean Stobbart won't have time enough to do both most rounds. We seen most of the votes to Wacky Races but Dean still did only 442oons of the Day in the first 3 rounds of the PL, but the Footballers come back in the 4th round.

2015-16 (Wacky Races)

Leicester The Foxes's winning car with its principal player Jamie's Come Fardy.

Wacky Races appeared many times in the Premier League, with 35 races appearing (only races 10, 18 and 19 didn't appear). Leicester The Foxes won in the final race, Newcastle DisunitedNotrich City and Astonishingly Bad Villa were relegated. Final Race (Race 38)

Teams (by final position):

  1. Leicester The Foxes
  2. Arsene
  3. Tottenham Hotform
  4. Manchester Sheiky F.C.
  5. Moneychester United
  6. Saintshampton
  7. West Hammers
  8. Leavethepool
  9. Stoke Wet and Windy
  10. Chelsea FC
  11. Cleverton
  12. Swanastery
  13. WTFord
  14. West Bromwich Carrier Baggies
  15. Crystal Pardew
  16. Jason Bournemouth
  17. Sunlessland
  18. Newcastle Disunited
  19. Notrich City
  20. Astonishingly Bad Villa

2016-17 (Footballer 1 until December Grand Prix Football from January to May)

David Louise's Chelsea FC car.

Footballers 1 appeared only in the following rounds: the 4th, 5th, 7th, the 10th, the 12th, the 13th, the 22nd and the 23rd.

Teams (by final position):

  1. Chelsea
  2. Tottenham Hotform
  3. Manchester Sheiky F.C.
  4. Leavethepool
  5. Arsene F.C.
  6. Moneychester United
  7. Cleverton
  8. Saintshampton
  9. Jason Bournemouth
  10. West Bromwich Carrier Baggies
  11. West Hammers
  12. Leicester The Foxes
  13. Stoke Wet and Windy
  14. Crystal Palose
  15. Swanastery
  16. Brrrnley
  17. WTFord
  18. Hull Pussies
  19. Brough
  20. Sunlessland

The champion was Antonio Conte's team Chelsea FC, keeping it since the 12th round, Manchester Sheiky F.C. has been the first in the 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th rounds (Footballer 1 Race 10 - Halloween Edition).

The relegated clubs were Hull Pussies, Brough and Sunlessland.

2017-18 Footballer 1

F1 - Footballer 1 2017-18 was televised only in the races: 5th, 8th and 13th. Manchester Sheiky F.C. won, leading since the 8th race. The race hasn't been heard since

  1. Manchester Sheiky F.C.
  2. Moneychester United
  3. Tottenham Hotform
  4. Leavethepool
  5. Chelsea FC
  6. Arsene F.C.
  7. Brrrnley
  8. Cleverton
  9. Leicester The Foxes
  10. Newcaslte Disunited
  11. Crystal Palose
  12. Jason Bournemouth
  13. West Hammers
  14. WTFord
  15. Brughton
  16. Huddersfield Terryers
  17. Saintshampton
  18. Swanastery(RELEGATED)
  19. Stoke Wet and Windy(RELEGATED)
  20. West Bromwich Carrier Baggies(RELEGATED)



Variants and Special


  • Counting the variations, Chelsea and Cleverton had the most own vehicles with 6 in total.
  • For some reason Swansea's Swan Car has a darker beak in some videos.