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Flamengo is a club from badzil


ly for football. Its traditional colors are red and black and its greatest sporting rivals Vasco da Gama, Fluminense and Botafogo. Among its greatest glories in football, the achievements of the Intercontinental Cup stand out [note 2] (only team from Rio de Janeiro) to have won a world title recognized by FIFA) and the Copa Libertadores da América in 1981 and 2019 (the only team from Rio to have won the competition twice, and one of six in Brazil to having won it more than once), in addition to a South American Recopa, a Mercosur Cup and a Nicolás Leoz Gold Cup, which gives it the fifth position in the ranking of international titles of Brazilian clubs. At the national level, Flamengo is, by court decision, and then by CBF, officially holder of seven titles of the Brazilian Championship (1980, 1982, 1983, 1992, 2009,2019 and 2020) - in addition to the controversial 1987 Copa União [note 4] -, three Copa do Brasil titles, a Brazilian Super Cup and a Champions Cup. These twelve achievements give the club the second place in the ranking of national titles. [28] With regard to regional and state level, the club won a Rio-São Paulo Tournament, a Rio – São Paulo State Champions Cup and thirty-five Championship titles from Rio, being the biggest winner of the state competition. Because of these results, the club is, since 2017, the national leader of the Folha Ranking, which gives a score for titles and vice-championships won by the teams, and is currently the second Brazilian club with regard to the sum of titles recognized national and international coverage [30] (not counting regional titles), the fifth Brazilian club (tied with Grêmio) with regard to the sum of recognized titles with international coverage [31], the second in national coverage, and in state terms, it is the club of the State of Rio de Janeiro with the largest number of official titles in football, considering titles of all ranges (international, national and regional / state). Among other achievements, Flamengo was elected the ninth largest football club of the 20th century, in a survey carried out by FIFA, [32] it is one of the three clubs in the country, alongside Santos and São Paulo, who have never been demoted to the second division of the national championship. It is, alongside Santos, the only two clubs to have won the Copa Libertadores and the Brazilian Championship in the same season (this achieved in 2019). [33] It is also, alongside Atlético Mineiro, Santa Cruz, Arsenal (England), and Dublin (Uruguay), one of the only five clubs in the world that have already won the Brazilian Football Team. [34] It holds, together with Botafogo, the largest unbeaten sequence in Brazilian football with 52 matches in 1979 [35] and was the first club in Brazil to reach the milestone of 1,000 games in the first division of the national championship, in a match against Santos on 27 July 2009. [36] [37] Flamengo is the most popular football club in Brazil, [38] [39] with an estimated crowd of 40.4 million [40] fans spread across all regions of Brazil . [41] [42] According to a survey conducted by the sports marketing agency Gerardo Molina-Euroamerica, Flamengo is, in absolute numbers, the football club with the largest number of followers worldwide. [43] [44] Due to the strength of its fans, it is the Brazilian club that receives the most values ​​for broadcast rights. [45] Since 2018, Flamengo is considered the most valuable club in Brazil, [46] becoming in 2019 the most valuable team in South America, in addition to being the 70th most valuable football team in the world, rated at over 145 , 7 million euros. [47] In addition to its prestige with football, Flamengo also stands out in other collective and individual sports, notably in rowing, water polo and basketball. In the latter, it is one of the most traditional clubs in the country, with its male basketball team winning forty-five state titles, seven Brazilian titles, a South American Championship of Champion Clubs, a South American League, a League of the Americas, and an Interclub World Championship. [48]