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Jurgen Klopp thinks he's happy or sad about the sack with no goals and starts laughs.

Mauricio Pochettino asked the ballon dor for Harry Kane and some player.

Slaven Bilic said everything will be fine with all that absoulutey fine when he gets sacked.

Chris Hughton faited with the 3 goals.

Conte got happy to win the game with Mitchy Batchuyai scores.

When the boys got so close at the game so they are happy when they google it Silva said Chelsea is bad at defending as Arsenal.

Mark Hughes called Slaven about golf next week Loveren did not ring him again.

Eddie Howe said last week he was S_ him self he got happy and starts laughing on again they google it.

Ranieri Dressed as Michael Appleton. when he got rid of the mask and the accent made him not English or Italian voice.

Pep Guardiola have 3 broken ribs and starts laughing at Manchester United got hurt and said it was werfet.

Sean Dyche will not leave Burnley for Paul Clook for he's new challenge as Leicester boss or Everton.

Jose Mourinho was Upset of Huddersfield winning when David Wagner was happy to leave and like this club and go for the Leicester job the Leicester Chairman throw Sean Dyche away and he was Upset.

Mauricio Pellegrino was happy to win 1-0 when Tony Pulis got angry throw cap at him.

When Ronald Koeman got Sacked at Everton and Angry he tried to cry but Netherlands was the worst team in the world Arsene Wenger tease Koeman saying we were world beaters and get a new 20 year contract and he will be 93 of football then anyone else.

Then Rafa Benitez tells Mike Ashley sells the club saying 25 million pounds then Rafa heard about taking the Leicester job.

Roy Hodgson was not happy can't beat Newcastle and not he's fault so Frank De Boer used a gun and shoot him that was the end.