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All of the Premier League managers react to Week 13 and except for Marco Silva Beacuse they forgot him.

David Moyes was saying 25 more draws will give him enough.

Claude Puel hates drawing against teams but they got Spurs next he hopes.

Roy Hodgson was happy for the second win against Stoke and Hughes will take the Wales job and tell him England are bad and Roy peak him.

Jose got upset about Mcarley's fault and he said that was Luke Shaw then you.

Chris will know Jose says it was a hard game and then it was.

Mike tells Rafa I'm leaving ya the club been sold Rafa yelled him to get him out and throw a wine at him nearly hit him but it didn't.

Paul's one boring game that he sleep then they got 1 point.

Eddie Howe was a sleep in the game saying the Washing master classier master Howe laugh again.

Maurico Pochettino was Upset of Wembley Stadium and hates the Stadium Tony ask Mauricio to bring the bat and he said I hate you Gary Megson when he hit him.

Conte and Klopp's draw was amazing but Conte ask him to be right to win 1-0 and Klopp was not taking this anymore press the red button made Antonio Conte up in the sky.

David Unsworth pick some food up for leaving the club and Mauricio Pellegrino ask him what are you doing in the staff canteen David and he said I Might As Well Steal Some Food For The Journey Home Mauricio Pellegrino make fun of him with the four goals laughs David throw the chicken wing at He's face.

Dyche wants the Arsenal job but Arsene said you will never get my job Dyche and managed for the Arsenal life.

Pep was happy with the win when they park bus when David Wagner came up to him and they didn't park the bus they park one bus but not to bus and they brought another bus in and put a two bus in the service bus Pep said yes it was annoying and Wagner was happy with one said I'm a German Genius that the end.


David Moyes

Claude Puel

Jose Mourinho


Chris Hughton

Mike Ashley

Rafa Benitez

Marco Silva (they forgot him)

Paul Clement

Eddie Howe

Mauricio Pochettino

Tony Pulis (cameo)

Gary Megson (only cameo)

Antonio Conte

Jurgen Klopp

David Unsworth

Mauricio Pellegrino

Sean Dyche

Arsene Wenger

Pep Guardiola

David Wagner (cameo again)

Marco Silva was not in it Beacuse they forgot him.