Engbland is a country in Europe based on England.



The following players were called up to Engbland x Malta and Slowvenia on 4 September 2016. Only for players who have appeared in 442oons.

No. Pos. Club Player
1 GK Burnley Nick Pope
13 GK Man We’re shite, Ed Dean Henderson
22 GK Cleverton Jordan Pickford
2 RB Manchester City F.C. Skyle Walker
3 LB Leicester's Fox Ben Chilwell
4 DM West Hammers Declan Basmati Rice
5 CB Manchester Sheikhy F.C. John €50nes
6 CB Man We’re shite, Ed Harry Maguire
7 CM Banchester City F.C. Phil Foden
8 CM Leeds United K Philips
9 SR Tottenham Hurri-Kane
10 LW Banchester City F.C. Rah££m Loves St£rling
11 ST Chelsea Kids Mason The Statue Mount
12 RB Atletijoao Madrid Kieran Trippier
14 CAM West Hammers(loaned by Man We’re shite, Ed) Jessie Lingard
15 CB Wolves Connor Coady
16 RB Chelsea Kids Reece James
17 CM Saintshampton Ward-Prowse
18 ST Cleverton Dominic Calvert kewin
19 CB David Villa Tyrone mings
20 LB Man We’re shite, Ed Luke Shalways Injured
21 ST David Villa Ollie Watkins
23 CM Dorussia Dortmund Bellingham

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