Engbland is a country and where the main teams on 442oons are from.

Manchester Sheiky F.C.
Three Lions 442oons

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Clubs from Engbland

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Based on the players called up to Engbland x Malta and Slowvenia in 4 September 2016. Only for players who have appeared

No. Pos. Club Player
1 GK Cleverton Jordan Pickford
13 GK Stoke Wet and Windy Jack Butland
2 RB Manchester Sheikhy F.C. Skyle Walker
5 CB Manchester Sheikhy F.C. John €50nes
6 CB Leicester's Fox Harry Maguire
15 CB Chelski Gary Vkahill Blue
3 LB Tottenham Hotform England's Rose
18 LB Moneychester United Ghastly Tongue
20 CAM Tottenham Hotform Adele Alli
10 RW Manchester Sheikhy F.C. Rah££m Loves Sterling
9 ST Tottenham Hotform Hurri-Kane

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