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Emre Bobby Moore is a Danish-Turkish player, he played for borussia Dortmund. Now he plays for celta vigo

he is mainly a backround character

seen at 0:28 in the top left hand corner in

the bundesliga thriller is back, that is not on 442oons channel, but it is on the bundesliga channel, when you can see him looking sad then he looks happy when aubumayang talks then he looks surprised when pulsic runns out, he looks like a normal 442oons character except that he has a big lower lip.

he was fetured when he was patronised non-verbaly by sebastian langercamp, langercanp put is and on emre mors head firmly so he could not move, the he slap langercamps armes then pushed him lightly, langercamp fell over ( aka did a sergio ramos dive) then he got a red card, emre mor was angry and chucked an oscar ( the prize) at his private parts.

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