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There is a problem with parsing the infoboxEdintheclouds Džeko is a football player who plays for Inter Mulan and Bosniaoffside. Formnerly Manchester Sheiky F.C. and ASS Roamer.

Edintheclouds Džeko


  • Despite his appearances in Man Sheiky, he never spoke during his appearances in the club and spent most of his appearances making small cameos along with his other teammates.
  • He wore the number #10 shirt during his spell at Man Sheiky.
  • During the Football Countdown video, the biggest hint of him leaving the club was when he was seen walking away from his team for a slight second.
  • He has had more important roles when playing for his national team than he does when he plays in his club.
  • In his first appearence, he had the same face as Mariowned Mandzukic before getting a redesigned in future episodes.
  • His voice has been inconsistent in the three speaking appearances he makes as he sounds different each episode he speaks in.