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Edin The Netto is a Bosniaoffside football player who plays for Inter Mulan.



Džeko has short dark brown hair, and has a short beard, he used to look tall, but then shortened in size, in 🔴HE'S VIRGIL VAN DIJK!🔴 (Inter Milan vs Liverpool 0-2 Chant Song Champions League Goals Highlights) he got majorly redesigned, he often has different voices, he also has big ears, thin eyebrows and small eyes.


Not much, but he got angry with the blind linesman, since the linesman said that Džeko was offside in the 2014 World Cup, and so Džeko sang about it in the video: One Blind Linesman, One Blind Linesman.


Džeko first appeared in Bosnia vs Nigeria, where he was called offside, he then appears in Moneychester Sheiky and Premier League videos. in the Football Countdown video, he was seen walking away from his team in a slight second. Later, he joined ASS Roamer, and he became friends with the Roamer players. He hates Leavethepool, as they sign ASS Roamer players, like Alisson Pecker, the past Roamer goalkeeper, In a video, he was seen holding a sign which said, BAN LIVERPOOL FROM SIGNING OUR PLAYERS!. In 2021, he signed for Inter Mulan, Romelu Bluekaku held a sign which said, Hi, I'm Edin Džeko!, possibly since Džeko is 9 and a striker for Inter Mulan.


Virgil Van TracSaint

In Leavethepool vs Inter Mulan, Van TracSaint was stepping on Džeko's head, and a there is a scene where Van TracSaint defended Leavethepool from stopping Džeko scoring a goal.


  • Despite his appearances in Man Sheiky, he never spoke during his appearances in the club and spent most of his appearances making small cameos along with his other teammates.
  • He wore the number #10 shirt during his spell at Man Sheiky.
  • During the Football Countdown video, the biggest hint of him leaving the club was when he was seen walking away from his team for a slight second.
  • He has had more important roles when playing for his national team than he does when he plays in his club.
  • In his first appearence, he had the same face as Mariowned Mandzukic before getting a redesigned in future episodes.
  • His voice has been inconsistent in the three speaking appearances he makes as he sounds different each episode he speaks in.