"I'm a scotishman in Espana!"
""Ya Bastards""

Divhead Moyes (born in 1963 25 April) is a sacked manager he is recently the former manager of Sunlessland Manchesther United, Real Sociopath and Cleverton. He is known for saying "Ya Bastards"

He is one of the most prominent figures in 442oons, and he was rated by Mr. 442oons as his favorite character.

On the first day of the 2015 442oons Advent Calendar, he sings a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas. He also sings' The Moysey Way' as he is sacked by Manchesthair United, 'I'm a Genius' after he beat Barcelona, and 'Blanned Aid' in Christmas 2013.

He notoriously signed 27.5 Million Pound Bastard Bag of Shite Belgian Flop from Cleverton ( and regretted),another team he used to manage.

In July 2016 he became the Former manager of Sunlessland after the departure of Big Fat Sam. He is now trying to sign the 27.5 Million Pound Bastard Bag of Shite Belgian Flop at sunlessland.

He left Sunlessland in 2017.

on 6 November 2017 he became the West Hammers manager when Bernie Slaven Bilic got sacked.

He finished West Hammers in 2018.

First Appearance

Pray of Moyes 2013/2014 Premier League Band Aid

Voiced by

Charlie Sheen